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straw hat pirates


Hibari Kyoya  | |  Vongola Cloud Guardian

↳ “Pride is not something you can surrender.”
for Gela~

Re-posters shouldn’t be allowed the privilege of fried chicken.
yes i agree
on second thought let me have that fried chicken

"Don’t say that.. You.. fool..  "

"We’re friends. Don’t forget that."


if you have the time to repost gifs, why don’t you spend it trying to learn how to make them like what we graphic makers did. we spend time trying to please tumblr and its shitty error uploading image while you just repost our edits like thieves stealing our hardships. if you keep on continuing this just gtfo of tumblr and eat fried chicken


Vic Zhou playing the violin in Meteor Garden

Anonymous: Hello, I just discovered your blog which I find very nice. But, uh, I do not know how to say it, but seeing your nickname "Fion" I could not help but laugh ... Because in French, "fion" is a word for "anus ". Finally, I think it was not intentional on your part. But you have been warned ... Good luck for your blog!


Oh really? LMAO my real name is Fion and it seems like asshole suits me a lot 

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