see you guys i’ll be on hiatus for a long time, i want to improve on my course and not on graphic making. yup this is where i real life. sorry for my new followers, i won’t be posting anymore and it’ll be months before i do. time to step up in my architecture game, i have this dream you see and in order to achieve it, i need to gain knowledge as much as possible. that dream is directly related to one piece, which makes me more motivated and excited to do better in the field just to be able to contribute to oda’s masterpiece. also, this semester will be hell so i won’t have time to get updated with my favorite series. it’s sad that i need to do this but i can’t really concentrate on my studies because of tumblr. someday i’ll come back, maybe… well i’ll miss a lot of you here and on twitter *clutches heart* so bye now!! *runs away*

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hibahri asked: ummmm noO GELA DON'T CALL YOUR BLOG TRASH your blog is as great as your BUTT //so very great//

but but butt i reblog so many random things here it’s hilarious

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Get to know Me:
Female Characters [4/5] - Kirishima Touka
"What does cake really taste like? It tastes so awful it makes me want to puke so I don't know, but it's something humans enjoy eating isn't it? What was it like to live a peaceful life?"
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One Piece at 17 || Day 4: Tears
“It’s okay to cry… but you have to move on!”

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mishimma asked: AAAAAH, YOUR BLOG AND YOUR GRAPHICS ARE HELLA! why didn't I noticed your blog before? uwu


i don’t have many followers and i don’t get these kinds of messages that much so now i’m really happy like an idiot thank you man you have a great blog yourself *winks at your butt*

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The people who have the ability to change something in this world, all, without exception, have guts to abandon things important to them if they have to.
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Killua Zoldyck requested by mmatsuokaz
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For a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.

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